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Hater mode po ang peg ko ngayon. Sorry :)) haha! Now watching PBB :)


Hater mode po ang peg ko ngayon. Sorry :)) haha! Now watching PBB :)

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Payphone Cover - Goldie 

"For the sake of making a new cover lang. Got tired of the song eh. Thanks to Bianca Duran who made me laugh nonstop. She’s the reason why it took me a hundred tries before really finishing the song. So anyways, it’s not that good. I just promised some people that I’d get this cover done by the weekend. I just hope you’ll like it tho, even just a bit :)"

i freeking love her voice!!!

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till we meet again <3

I remember giving you up just for him..i left you, nasaktan kita..i left without giving you a reason why..and now you’re gone :( and i can’t even reach you nor touch you anymore..if you ask me if i regret leaving you? the answer would be YES.

it all started right here…

May 2007

I went on a vacation sa province namen sa Pangasinan..His name is Kiko, cousin nung neighbor namen. First time nila magvacation sa pangasinan nun e and i met him. He’s hella quiet like ..he’s snob and we don’t usually talk?..till that day.may bagyo nun as in super lakas couldn’t remember the name pero natanggal ung bubong ng back part ng house namen so we dont have a choice but to go downstairs, but unfortunately pumasok ung tubig so we have to go to our neighbor’s house na. At that time i had a boyfriend its not that serious parang puppy love lang ganon anyways we went to our neighbors house and spent the whole night. I couldn’t sleep coz i felt so scared. Katabi ko si Kiko nun..we played a game it was like you have this block pieces then you have to make hella shapes out of it..

It was Hard -________- haha simula nung time na yun.. dun na nagstart ung friendship namen.. Lagi kame naliligo sa ulan since walang ilaw samen for like a month.. Lage kame naghangout infront of their house with my cousins we got to know each other lagi kame nagmomotor together..and after 2 years 2009 naging kame na :”> it came to the point na sobrang mahal ko na talaga siya!nagkakatext kame..til 6 am in the morning inlove!!! One time nagsleepover sila samen with his cousins tapos i fell asleep na.. while he was watching me sleep :”> he is the sweetest guy ever!!! we were together for like 7 months i think..til that day came..i dont even know why i did it pero i broke up with him. The worst part? its because of a guy. Though i loved that guy so much he still left me knowing that it was worth sacrificing kiko. I really regret that moment…I wish Kiko would still forgive me :( i didn’t even get the chance to say sorry to him….

until last year June 2011 I got a text message that Kiko passed away :’( I wish he could read this right now..iloveyou ko! miss you so much!! bantayan mo ko ha? wag mo ko pababayaan :’)  I’m Sorry for everything ko :( … 

these are the moments….

Cedar Point August 21,2011

This is one of the best days of my life :”> and this was one of my favorite rides too it was 301 ft tall SABEH!! haha :)) i love rollercoasters like ALL OF EM!! even the highest one, though i wasn’t able to ride it coz they don’t want me to..they usually think that im gonna fall or die or something HAHA :)) anyways..its summer time! so i hope we could go to six flags!! though its not as high as the one in cedar point..i know i’ll have fun :)) 

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i love #jambajuice like im addicted to it :) its nice to be back again!!! &lt;3

i love #jambajuice like im addicted to it :) its nice to be back again!!! <3

"I wish that you were here or i were there or we were together anywhere :("

Cedar Point tomorrow &lt;3 i cant wait

Cedar Point tomorrow <3 i cant wait

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